Membership in The Ayn Rand Society is open only to members of the American Philosophical Association:  regular membership to regular members of the APA, student membership to student associate members.  (Information on APA membership can be found on their website.)

Dues for ARS members are $20 a year ($10 for student members), and can be paid from this page via PayPal. New members should fill out our enrollment form in addition to paying their first year's dues. All paid-up members receive copies of the paper(s) on the Society's program in advance of the meeting. New members will receive in addition a copy of the papers from the previous two years. Membership is by academic year.  Couple memberships are available; for details email the Society.

Non-members of the APA who share our aims may affiliate with the Society as a "Contributor". Although not members of the Society, Contributors receive papers and other mailings, including memos, meeting announcements and invitations, along with members. Contributions of all amounts are welcome (including from members and from those who do not wish Contributor status). The minimum contribution for Contributor status is $30 a year. Contributions can be made by credit card from this page via PayPal.

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